Soho in Ottakring Festival, Vienna, Austria - (2010)

The images below are documentation of Thomson's contribution as one of the three international artists in residence at Vienna's "Soho in Ottakring" arts festival.

The group of artists were invited to the Soho in Ottakring festival to create work in response to the themes of race and racial discrimination. For the duration of the festival the artists became the Informal Research Lab (IRL) - a group with diverse practices ranging from "serious" theoretical discourse to jokes and storytelling. This unique discursive laboratory atmosphere created an environment in which the artists could take risks and pursue  projects outside their "normal" practice.


The Snowman Revue

A selections of portraits painted by members of the audience at "The Snowman Revue" - a musical performance and art-class made possible by Stephen Mathewson, Maura Jasper, Mark Peretta, Mike Johnson, David Quigley, Christopher Steinweber, Maja Bačer and Sebastian Koch.


The Snowman - Joshua WF Thomson at Soho in Ottakring 2010