Selected Publications

Perspective Magazine, "La bella luna" June 2014 (print)

HK Magazine, "Joshua WF Thomson", 8th May 2014 (web)

Blouin Artinfo, “HK Artist Launches Record Into Space” 6th August 2013 (web)

Wall Street Journal, “Artist to Blast His Music Into Space” 2nd August 2013 (web)

The Guardian (UK), “Platinum Metres: the artwork being sent into space – audio slideshow” 29th July 2013  (web)

Tendencias Magazine, “Capsula del Tiempo: Platinum Metres” Madrid, January 2013 (print)

Dazed Digital, “Calling Outer Space: Platinum Metres” London, 3rd January 2013 (web)


South China Morning Post, “Switch Off and Listen” Hong Kong, 25th August 2012 (print)

Pipeline Magazine, “Cricket, Classics, Colonialism”, Hong Kong, April 2012 (print)

Die Presse “The IRL” (full page artwork), Vienna, Austria, 12th June, 2010 (print)

The Irish Times “Paintings to be seen in the flesh” Published October 1, 2008 – Aidan Dunne (print)

“BBC Collective - Editor Arts Review” Published: 23rd August 2007 by B.B.C. – Freire Barnes (web)

“Free Radicals” Published 2005 by PictureBox, Inc. (U.S.A) – Edited by Lief Goldburg. (print)

“The Basil H Alkazzi Foundation: A celebration of twenty years association between the Foundation and the Royal College of Art” Published: May 2005 – Forewords by Sir Jocelyn Stevens, Basil Alkazzi, Sir Christopher Frayling (print) Critic’s Pick, February 2004 – Elizabeth Schambelan (web)

Boiler “we are animals” issue 4 “The institute” Published: February 2004 – Josh Hansen (print)

The New York Times “Sampling Brooklyn, Keeper of Eclectic Flames” Published: January 23, 2004 – Holland Cotter (print)

The Jerwood Drawing Prize (Catalogue), Published: September 2003 (print)

Radio Appearances

Phil Whelan, Morning Brew – 25th April 2014

Phil Whelan, Morning Brew – 6th August 2013

Phil Whelan, Morning Brew – 8th April 2013

Phil Whelan, Morning Brew – 21st January 2013